One of the important directions of «The Governorate Ballet School’s» educational activity is the establishment and realization of the creative projects.

The college goes beyond the curriculum of the secondary professional education’s standard with the purpose of the propagation of folk dance, aesthetic education and professional orientation of the youth in Kostroma and Kostroma region. Expanding its educational function, the college performs an important social mission - to arouse the sense of beauty in children of different ages, to fill their cultural communication, to encourage the creativity by the live example of the choreographic art.

«The Governorate Ballet School» leads an active concert activity making the learning process open, both for the future dancers and the audience. At this stage, every year the college carries out the charity project «The World of Dance» dedicated to the International Children’s Protection Day, the charity project «From Children to Children» and the educational project «The Governorate Ballet School” opens its doors...». The gained experience determines the regularity of implementation of the projects, their orientation and the ways for the further development.


The main target of the dance school "The Governorate Ballet School is to train young, strong and skilled generations of dancers for The Russian National Ballet Kostroma by combining traditional and experimental educational methods, by instilling patriotism and awakening the feeling of love towards Russian history and culture.

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