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  • The state exams of classical and stage-folk dances were held at The Governorate Ballet School.
15.06.2013 The state exams of classical and stage-folk dances were held at The Governorate Ballet School.

“The Governorate Ballet School” graduated the third generation of students, studying on the speciality «Choreographic art», the qualification «Artist of ensemble».

This event takes place once in three years.

Five years of enormous work were spent with the best masters of choreographic art! The students mastered more than 20 professional and more than 15 special disciplines. On the basis of the results shown in the learning process and the successful completion of the stage practice in the performances of «The Russian National Ballet «Kostroma» 5-year students Valeria Zhuravleva, Anna Kozlova and Gleb Povarov were invited to join the troupe as the ballet artists.

The individual approach in the educational activities of the choreographic college was also reflected in the state final exams – the working process of 7 graduates was appreciated by 8 members of the state certifying commission.

  1. The Chairman of the state certifying Commission – Anatoly Borzov - dean, head of the Department of choreography of the Dance Academy of Natalia Nesterova, Honored artist of Russia, Professor.
  2. Maria Veshkina – the director of «The Governorate Ballet School” – the deputy chairman of the commission;
  3. Elena Tsarenko – the honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation, the president of « The Russian National Ballet «Kostroma», the founder of the college - the member of the commission;
  4. Yury Tsarenko – the honored worker of art of the Russian Federation, the artistic director of «The Governorate Ballet School”- a member of the commission;
  5. Alexander Abritalin – classical dance teacher - a member of the commission;
  6. Alexey Rubtsov– folk dance teacher - a member of the commission;
  7. Irina Rubtsova– folk dance teacher - a member of the commission;
  8. Irina Strakhova – deputy director of «The Governorate Ballet School ” in the teaching-educational work – a secretary of the commission.

Classical Dance Final Exam.

The teacher - Alexander Vladimirovich Abritalin

The accompanist - Oleg Igorevich Pimenov

The building of the state exam became the common work of the teacher, the students and a concertmaster. The accompaniment of the lesson was carefully selected as they say «for the feet of the performers», their temperament, the perception of the character of the classical movements. Many pieces of music were specially composed for the exam by the concertmaster Oleg Igorevich Pimenov, this fact is a unique phenomenon in the practice of professional choreographic schools. Thanks to such a joint work each student had an opportunity to reveal his best features in front of the strict certifying commission.

Folk Dance Final Exam.

The teachers – Irina Rubtsova and Alexey Rubtsov.

Irina and Alexey are the soloists, the coaches of «The Russian National Ballet «Kostroma», the leading teachers of «The Governorate Ballet School», they have been working as teachers since the college foundation. Their experience is the experience of “The Governorate Ballet School” which was gained for 10 years.

This year Irina and Alexey are graduating their third generation of students,sharing with them all the knowledge about their profession of the future dancers of the folk dance ensemble.

Every time the teachers create a new program making interesting creative experiments, taking into account the individual peculiarities of students.

For the first time, the first part of the exam was presented to the recorded music. The interesting musical material which was carefully selected by the teachers became a bright decoration of the exercise at the bar. Obeying it the originally composed combinations at the bar and in the middle gave an opportunity to show the great volume of the studied material as well as the national character of the different people in the most colorful way.

In the dancing part of the program the teachers turn to the art of the great ballet masters such as: Pavel Virsky, Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev, Gennady Yakovlevich Vlasenko.

For the first time dances of the classic folk choreography of Pavel Virsky were presented in the class-concert: a satirical comedy choreographic miniatures «The Dolls» (performed by Valeria Zhuravleva, Gleb Povarov, Ivan Kuzmin) and the Ukrainian dance of the shoemakers based only on two choreographic movements - «Shevchiki» (performed by Gleb Povarov, Ivan Kuzmin).

The graduates have also presented «Gypsy Etude», complicated technical elements, rolls, crackers, «string», combination and rotation in «Polka», the choreographic composition «the Caucasus».

Also the second year students of the College performed in the dancing part of the state examination. They presented a pair dance «The Caucasus», «the Kiev Boys» (choreography by P.Virsky), «Simbirsk Naparochka» (choreography by G. Vlasenko).

The final chord of the exam was a traditional dance of all graduates of Igor Moiseev Ballet School, and now of «The Governorate Ballet School» - «Jota Aragonesa». The complex choreographic composition of Igor Moiseyev allows to reveal and to show the accumulated skills and professionalism of graduates – endurance, technicality, the leg’s strength, emotionality and, of course, the artistic skills.

Having completed the classical and folk dance final exams, the students will start getting ready for the final and very important testson the way to the professional future – the passing of the interdisciplinary examination on the subjects of «History of fine art», «History of choreography», «History of music» and the graduation concert which will be held in Culture & Exhibition Centre «Gubernskyi» on May. 30th, 2013.

The main target of the dance school "The Governorate Ballet School is to train young, strong and skilled generations of dancers for The Russian National Ballet Kostroma by combining traditional and experimental educational methods, by instilling patriotism and awakening the feeling of love towards Russian history and culture.

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