Every student of our college creates their own world, the world of Beauty.

They are perfecting, maybe not quite consciously yet, their ability of speaking the language of dance which soon will turn into dialogue with the audience. And the reply they are going to get is applause. The brighter and more expressive their dance is the more enthusiastic the response will be.

Making a lot of effort the students are trying to reach the highest peak and those who manage to do it will be able to see a truly fascinating world!

The World Called the Art of Dance

If you do not stop and carry on searching for other tops of this world you will understand: this world is as infinite, enigmatic and majestic as space is. The higher you reach the more challenges you will face, the challenges which hold new discoveries – Discoveries of our Reflection.

Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer of
the National Ballet “Kostroma"
College Artistic Director
Honoured Art Worker of Russia

Yuri Tsarenko

Red brick mansion situated in Simanovskogo Street has been serving the cause of culture and education for two hundred years now. Today it is a historical monument of the city architecture which keeps under its roof a whole world called the Art of Dance.

The building used to be People's House called “Krasny Tkach”. Now it is a rehearsal base of the Russian National Ballet “Kostroma", Dance College "Governorate Ballet School” affiliated with the Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” and Dance School for Children. It is here that the pupils become students and the students turn into artists. The inhabitants of this house consider it to be their second home and believe they are just one big family since they do not only get a profession here but also acquire great life experience. The motto of those who have taken a decision to entrust themselves to demanding teachers and devote their lives to a difficult though beautiful kind of art, to folk dance, is to achieve their aims through struggle with oneself.

150 talented children from Kostroma and Kostroma region have already taken advantage of the opportunity to get professional quality education in the only professional choreography school in the region.

Our students do not only study for education but they also enjoy loving, caring and home like atmosphere. They are our children and our future, the future of the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" and Kostroma Province, they are heirs of the Russian culture and its mighty traditions.

Director of
Governorate Ballet School (College)
affiliated with the National Ballet “Kostroma”

Maria Veshkina


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The main target of the dance school "The Governorate Ballet School is to train young, strong and skilled generations of dancers for The Russian National Ballet Kostroma by combining traditional and experimental educational methods, by instilling patriotism and awakening the feeling of love towards Russian history and culture.

College's Founder

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