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30.06.2013 The third generation of professional folk dancers graduated from The Governorate Ballet School.

10KPoq3R4This year “The Governorate Ballet School (College)” affiliated with “National Ballet “Kostroma” graduated the third generation of students on the speciality “The choreographic art”, the qualification “Artist of ensemble”.

Each graduation is a great event for the college as it happens once in three years.

According to the results of the final exam on the classical dance (the teacher- Abritalin A.V.), on the stage-folk dance (the teacher – Irina Rubtsova, Alexey Rubtsov), interdisciplinary exam in such disciplines as “the history of fine art”, “the history of choreography”, “the history of music” (the teachers Natalia Byvshykh, Olga Krestova, Tatyana Suchareva, Galina Endrikhovskaya) and the qualification diploma concert (the artistic director – Yury Tsarenko) the students were granted the honorable title of “The artist of the ballet” and the state diplomas of secondary professional education.

The experience of “The Governorate Ballet School” shows the obvious highly professional results. The leaders of the college regularly invite the best teachers and the artists of the world standard to give master classes.

For five years of enormous work with the best masters of the choreographic art the students:

  1. have mastered more than 20 professional and more than 15 special disciplines;
  2. have gained the valuable professional experience of touring across Kostroma region within the charity project “From Children to Children” in 2011, 2012, 2013 (in Susanino village, Nerekhta (twice), Galich (twice), Bui (twice), Volgorechensk (twice), Sharya, Krasnoe-on-Volga (twice), Soligalich, Neya, Kadyi, Ostrovskoe)
  3. have taken part in the International festival of the professional choreographic schools and colleges in Kazan 2011;
  4. have taken part in the concert programs of regional importance (the 4th congress of municipalities of Kostroma region, the day of internal affairs employees etc).
  5. have taken part in the programs of the state importance (the ceremonial opening of the largest educational forum held by the Russian Orthodox Church – the 11th International Christmas readings at the State Kremlin Palace, etc.)
  6. have performed at the best venues of the country (the Kremlin State Palace, the concert hall ”Russia”, the sport complex “Olympyiski”, etc.)
  7. have taken part in the charity projects of “The Governorate Ballet School”: “From Children to Children” 2011-2013, “The Governorate Ballet School opens its doors…” 2013”, “The World of Dance” (for the disabled children, the children from incomplete and low-income families) 2009-2013.
  8. have worked on probation at “The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” during its annual concert tour in Moscow (the summer project “The Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma”) - 2011, 2012.

As a result of hard work Valeria Zhuravleva, Anna Kozlova, Gleb Povarov were invited to join the troupe of “The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” being just 4-th year students. The artistic director trusts them some leading parts of the show. Anna Kozlova has performed as a soloist in such choreographic compositions as “Ozerko-Ozerce” and “USSR” (the part of ballerina in the duet “ballerina and cosmonaut”), Valeria Zhuravleva and Gleb Povarov performed solo parts at the compositions: “The Winter Dance”, “The Little Brook”.

Recently these three students have finished their first foreign tour with the troupe of “The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” which took place in 50 cities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

For long years of creative and educational activity the ballet “Kostroma” and “The Governorate Ballet School” have developed the succession of generation. The followers of Ivan Tsarenko (the first graduate of the college who followed in his parents’ footsteps, the founders of “The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” and “The Governorate Ballet School” Yury and Elena Tsarenko) are Valeria Zhuravleva – the daughter of the honored artists of Russia, the soloists of “Kostroma” Anatoliy and Larisa Zhuravleva, Gleb Povarov – the younger brother of the soloist of the ballet, the graduate of the college, Egor Povarov, and the son of the costume designer of the ballet - Olga Povarova.

Also the geography of graduates becomes wider. The students come to study from other cities of Kostroma Region. Following Ekaterina Polyashova (the graduate of 2010) who originated from Manturovo, Anna Kozlova from Volgorechensk joined college.

The education of the professional folk dance artists – the young, strong and professional generation of “Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” is a successfully completed idea of the choreographic college “The Governorate Ballet School”. All the graduates successfully flow into the work of the ballet and become its artists.


The main target of the dance school "The Governorate Ballet School is to train young, strong and skilled generations of dancers for The Russian National Ballet Kostroma by combining traditional and experimental educational methods, by instilling patriotism and awakening the feeling of love towards Russian history and culture.

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