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31.05.2013 The Governorate Ballet School

The concert was organized by the choreographic college “The Governorate Ballet School”, the Department of Social Protection of Kostroma region and the children’s choreographic community for children from boarding schools, orphanages, for children from incomplete and low income families and for the choreographic ensembles. Within the concert dedicated to the international children protection’s day, the five-year students of the college presented their diploma performance - “The World of Dance”.

Each time the teachers of the college create a new program for diploma performance implementing interesting & creative experiments.

The diploma performance consisted of two parts.

In the first part the graduates presented the in-class performance of the stage-folk dance “The window to the world of dance”. This class concert became a complete reflection of the students’ educational process. This daily work includes the exercise at the bar in different characters of the folk dance, the combinations of movements in the middle and dancing etudes which become the basis of complete dances. The interesting music, carefully selected by the teachers, became a bright setting for the class-concert. The original dance combinations presented a greater amount of the studied materil and gave the possibility to show more vividly the national character of different people of the world. For 40 minutes the graduates have shown a 5-year long amount of the dance material.

In the second part of the diploma performance the audience and the strict examination commission watched dances of people of the world. The artists managed to convey the character as well as to enchant the audience not only with the beauty of dance but also with the help of gestures, movements, music, splendid costumes and specially chosen lighting. The dancing part of the program consisted of the dances of the great choreographers such as: Igor Moiseev, Gennadiy Vlasenko, Faizi Gaskarov, Gai Tagirov, Pavel Virskiy nad others.

The dances of the classic folk genre created in 50s of the XXth century by Pavel Virskiy were presented for the first time: the fragment of the satirical choreographic miniature “The Dolls” (performed by Valeria Zhuravleva, Gleb Povarov, Ivan Kuzmin) and the Ukrainian dance “The Shoemakers” (performed by Gleb Povarov and Ivan Kuzmin). The teachers carried out the fine work on the study of the master’s work. They found a few lost archival materials: the fragments of black and white dancing video, pictures and music. The dances restored by Irina and Alexey Rubtsov gave students a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the exceptional style of Virskiy, to pass the freedom of the image through the elements of satire, grotesque and humor.

Traditionally younger students took part in the diploma performance. The 2nd-year students of the college presented such dances as: “Slow Russian”, “Kiev Guys” (choreography by Pavel Virskiy), the Bashkir dance “Seven Girls” (choreography by Faizy Gaskarov), “Simbirsk Naporochka” (choreography by Gennady Vlasenko), the Tatar dance “The Spring Tunes” (Guy Tagirov choreography).

The pupils of the ballet’s class performed composition “The Enchanted Waltz” (Alexander Abritalin choreography). The final traditional dance of all Moiseev school graduates and now the graduates of “The Governorate Ballet School” “Aragon Khota” became a culmination of the performance. This dance gives an opportunity to reveal the accumulated skills and the professionalism of the graduates, their power endurance, the technique, the leg strength, emotionality and artistic talent.

To demonstrate the skills during the whole performance is quite difficult but the graduates coped with this task. The audience witnessed an important historic moment in the life of each graduate - their formation to the professional artists of “The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma”.




The main target of the dance school "The Governorate Ballet School is to train young, strong and skilled generations of dancers for The Russian National Ballet Kostroma by combining traditional and experimental educational methods, by instilling patriotism and awakening the feeling of love towards Russian history and culture.

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