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21.02.2013 The Governorate Ballet School open its doors! A start was given to a new creative project of the

For 10 years “The Governorate Ballet School” has been building up the educational-methodical and practical base, increasing the experience in the organizational activities, obtaining the new knowledge and skills. Along with this the quality of “The Governorate Ballet School’s” education has been recognized many times at the all-Russian and international professional festivals.

Today The College has accumulated the great experience; it is always ready to share it with its colleagues and to implement the mutual creative interests. One of them is the continuation of the relay-race. It was begun by “The Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” which founded the College with the intention to bring up professional dancers on its basis. The purpose is to transfer the superiority of the professional orientation of children to the amateur groups because these are the schools where little girls and boys meet their first teachers, who cultivate the love to the art of the dance in them.

The purposes of the project "The Governorate Ballet School” opens its doors…" is:

  • to tell about the benefits of getting high-quality professional education near home, in the native city;
  • to tell about the specifics of the professional ballet dancer education;
  • to carry out the master classes for students and teachers;
  • to organize seminars for students and teachers;
  • to share the practical knowledge and experience;
  • to publish the methodological literature;
  • to publish the curricula;
  • to present the PROFESSIONAL DANCER’s DAY;
  • to carry out dance festivals of the professional ballet schools from all-over Russia etc.

This time 15 teachers from such institutions of additional education: «Dance Voyage», «Inspiration», «Mosaic», “Divertisment” and others became the guests of “The Governorate Ballet School”.

The program of the first meeting included:

  • the visit to the preview of the final qualification exam of folk dance presented by the college teachers Irina Rubtsova and Alexey Rubtsov;
  • the conversation at the round table with the administration of “The Governorate Ballet School” as well as with the professor, the choreographer, the teacher, the honored artist of the RSFSR, in the past, the soloist of the Ensemble of dance of Igor Moiseev - Anatoly Alekseevich Borzov;
  • the visit to the master-class of Anatoly Borzov given for the students of the 2nd-year students of the college..


The main target of the dance school "The Governorate Ballet School is to train young, strong and skilled generations of dancers for The Russian National Ballet Kostroma by combining traditional and experimental educational methods, by instilling patriotism and awakening the feeling of love towards Russian history and culture.

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