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16.03.2012 Over the Ocean for the sake of the Russian Dance

On the 14th and 15the of March Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” and “The Governorate Ballet School” held exclusive master-classes of classic, folk stage and historical dance for the guests from Canada, Heritage Ballet School students from Haliburton City, Ontario Province.

One year ago the Head of Heritage Ballet School Julie Barban started to organize a trip to visit Russia (Moscow and Saint-Petersburg). Surfing the Internet to find information about Russian ballet companies and their schools she came across the site of “Kostroma” Ballet and its school and was really excited. The Canadian teacher contacted the Ballet’s administration and expressed her wish to come to get acquainted with the Russian choreography school, the ancient city, to see the Company’s rehearsals, college lessons and to take part in master classes. Having arranged everything by phone over the ocean, the Canadian company made a decision to visit Kostroma and the Ballet thus enlarging the geography of their trip. The Canadian ballet school gave the concert dedicated to their 10th anniversary to raise money for the children to come to Russia.

Nine students aged from 13 to 18 wearing the national hard ballet shoes and T-shirts with the text which we couldn’t help feeling proud of - “Ballet Tour 2012 - Moscow – Kostroma – Saint-Petersburg” – entered the hall of the Russian National Ballet “Kostroma” and the college.

It was a wonderful meeting of two schools. The young dancers of both countries found a common language easily. The Canadians watched their peers from “The Governorate Ballet School” and the professional artists from “Kostroma” ballet at their rehearsals and looked forward to taking part in the master classes of folk stage, classical and historical dancing. Having tried on the hats from the turn called “Gusarsky” and having learned dancing elements of the historical dance, the Canadian girls felt like real young Russian ladies whose partners were real Russian cavaliers, the 1st and 4th year college students. ‘Kovyrialochka’, ‘matalochka’ and tapping allowed the guests to experience the challenge of performance and the energy of the Russian dance while classical exercise added grace, sophistication and reserve.

At the end of their tour the Canadian teachers confessed that never in their lives had they received so much knowledge and professional experience in such a short period of time, just two unforgettable days spent in the ancient Russian city of Kostroma.

As for the Russian Ballet “Kostroma” and “The Governorate Ballet School”, the experience of holding master classes for foreigners is completely new. Nevertheless such master classes might become a good tradition for Kostroma school of choreography, which is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year too, since they allow the students to communicate with their international peers and the teachers to get experience of holding international master classes.

The main target of the dance school "The Governorate Ballet School is to train young, strong and skilled generations of dancers for The Russian National Ballet Kostroma by combining traditional and experimental educational methods, by instilling patriotism and awakening the feeling of love towards Russian history and culture.

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